Re: surprising CW sidetone value in uBITX Manager 0.11 #ubitx

Tom, wb6b

It has been awhile (so I may not remember all the details) since I ran the uBITX manager, but I believe it did do checks for valid input. The display was split between a panel that showed the "raw" hex values in EEPROM and a panel with input boxes that that were labeled and operated with the human readable values you were adjusting. Also, Farhan adopted the EEPROM memory layout used by Ian, so that increased the cross compatibility between the CEC firmware and the subset of functionality in the factory firmware. 

I'm going to speculate on one thing, originally Ian assumed people would be upgrading from the factory firmware, so the EEPROM values in the factory subset would be programmed. As of late, more people are starting from Nanos that have never been programmed and installing the CEC software. I wonder if that is why some of the new issues are coming up. In any case I'm sure when he can, he will look into these. 

The Nextion displays are turning out to be quite a success for the CEC software, it looks like they solve many of the feedback, due to lack of screen space, issues. Maybe even lessen the need for the uBITX manager. Ian may be concentrating on that track for now. The Nextion displays seem to fall into some kind of sweet spot that makes it more accessible for other people to contribute to the project. 

Tom, wb6b

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