AutoKey, Memory Keyer, operating CW via CAT #ubitx #ubitxcw

Mike KK7ER

After watching Ian's video (, it was quite easy to establish control of the uBITX via CAT using Fldigi.  In the video, Ian demonstrates keying the mic via the Fldigi TX button.  Is it also possible to transmit CW?

From reading the Fldigi docs, it looks like Fldigi simply keys the mic and sends CW via a generated audio tone sequence over SSB.

After searching the BITX20 archives and Ian's blog site for a while, I see mentions of AutoKeyer and Memory Keyer but cannot find details anywhere.  Is it possible to generate and send CW from the uBITX Arduino given a character sequence over CAT / USB cable?

Sorry for the ignorant questions.  I got my novice license 42 years ago but have been mostly inactive for the past 30 years.  I feel like Rip VanWinkle!

73 Mike KK7ER

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