Re: surprising CW sidetone value in uBITX Manager 0.11 #ubitx

Mike KK7ER

I think this design choice is reasonable given the constraints.  The design principles involved seem to be:  1) don't overwrite the user's data in EEPROM unless the user tells you to, 2) don't accept user-defined values that would lead to obviously bad behavior, 3) make the transition from original/other firmware to CEC firmware painless and easily reversible.

Another design principle that you and I seem to value is that of informative and actionable error messages.  But that has to be weighed against the others.  Some of us want to know all the details (thankfully, we have access to source to figure them out!).  I suspect that the vast majority of folks just want it to work without thinking about firmware details.

73 Mike KK7ER

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