Re: Source for female connectors/pins/manual crimp tool?

Jon Titus, KZ1G <tituskz1g@...>

Radio-control aircraft enthusiasts use the same types of crimp connectors, so a local hobby store probably has male and female pins and a crimper.  The crimp tool linked to below should do the job and it won't kill your ham-project budget.

I used a similar tool for my uBITX project.  For female crimp connectors that attach to 0.025" square posts on 0.10" centers, use the Jameco Electronics part #100766.  The small tabs crimp the metal wire, while the larger tabs crimp the outer insulation and provide a strong physical hold in case you pull too hard on a wire.  Jameco also sells the connector housings for from 2 to 36 contacts.
Jon Titus, KZ1G
Herriman, UT USA

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