Re: Windows Serial Port Problem

hirosmb <hirosmb@...>

Check this site. It worked well for me.

Now my Nextion LCD runs uBITX UI. :)

// hiro, JJ1FXF

2018/07/15 6:57、Ralph Mowery <rmowery42@...>のメール:

Sometimes if you are not using a Profilic (probably spelled way wrong) original driver but a 3 rd party driver, you have to delete the driver and install the 3rd party driver.  This seems to happen to many almost  every time win 10 updates.

This may explain it.

On Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 5:09 PM, Albert Woodhull <n1aw@...> wrote:
A few days ago my Windows 10 installation got updated, without asking me, of course.  I stepped away from the computer for a while and when
I came back updates were being installed.

I think my USB port drivers were changed.  When I try to run the KD8CEC Memory Manager or to upload a newly compiled  ubitx_20 version
I do not see the COM4 port any more. The Windows Device Manger shows an "Unusable Parallel Port (LPT3) where I previously saw a COM4
Serial Port.

Does anyone know what happened or how to undo it?

- Al N1AW

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