Re: Windows Serial Port Problem

Bill Cromwell


I almost completely abandoned MS and Windows long ago. I have one legal copy of XP that I run in a virtual machine in Lunux if I run it at all. It does not get exposed to the internet. Reading this thread I have dug my trench even deeper and fortified the walls :)

Yes..there are a few things that I can't run without MS Windows. Life without those few things is not really so bad :) You put your money down and you take your choice.


Bill KU8H

On 07/21/2018 08:21 AM, Jim Lommel wrote:
I was completely wrong about there being a download manager for Win 10.
Microsoft has changed to a service model from a subscription model and
now you have no control over what updates get installed and what don't
get installed other than not be connected to the internet. My
understanding it that this was done so all extant Win 10 installations
are the same instead of there being millions of different installations.

Does anyone else have information about how MS is
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