Re: uBITX No Power Output all of a sudden #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

I suspect poor plating.  Rig had been working just fine and I had power out set to 5 watts into a Microwave Associates 20 watt dummy load on my YouKits DP-1 digital wattmeter on 40 meters.  I checked the resistance on two of the other V3 uBITX boards I have and it varies slightly as you press on the board with an insulated tool near that VIA. 

Don't know about the V4 boards, but during any V3 build, I'd suggest running a piece of 30 gauge wire wrap wire through that hole and soldering it on both sides as a precaution before mounting the board.  You will probably have to carefully scrape the solder mask from both top and bottom of the VIA pad.  I'll try and take and post a good hi resolution photo of it later in the day so you can positively identify the spot.

Jim - W0EB

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