Re: uBITX No Power Output all of a sudden #ubitx

Clark Martin

Poor plating or did normal plating act as a fuse??

Clark Martin

On Jul 20, 2018, at 1:10 PM, Jim Sheldon <w0eb@...> wrote:

I found that I had +12V on the PA Power pin of P1 but nothing on the supply end of L8 which gets connected by a short trace to a very small VIA through the board and a short trace to L8 on the underside.  Looking at the underside, the trace was not burned but it turns out that tiny little VIA was open -- poor plating through the hole.  I put a piece of 30 gauge wire wrap wire through the via and soldered it on both sides.  This brought the +12 back to the supply side of L8, L9 and subsequently the drains of the IRF-510's .  Put it all back together and I now had full power again.

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