Re: KD6CEC code and Nextion displays, tuning skips steps #ubitx #radiuno


I am using normal tuning speed. Not fast tune.

I am quite aware of contact bounce and fitting capacitors etc.

The reason I ask, is to see if others using the CEC software with Nextion, are seeing a similar thing without having to fit any extra parts..  Ian's web pages don't mention any mods required that I can find.

glenn vk3pe

On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 11:25 PM, Michael Babineau wrote:
I have noticed this as well. For example when you set the step size to 50 Hz if you tune quite quickly it seems that the step-size

Are you sure that this isn't intentional ?  I see to recall Ian making a passing comment about variable rate tuning at some point.

Michael VE3WMB

P.S. I am really enjoying the ability to select the step size via touch screen in V2 of Ian's "Nextion" display code. This was a great addition.

I may have found another bug though. More on this later when I have had more of a chance to test it out. 

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