Re: logic mod for filter selection #ubitx #arduino

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

FYI the diodes used were 1n4148/914.

Ruse the data bus for the display, you can do that.  Its better to keep them as
digital outputs but I've done that to get three outputs so that I can scan
multiple encoders with buttons and one input per encoder/button. 

The code for that is common-bus-encoders-master.  It works very well.
Not using it for bitx but handy for another project.

Created by : Jacques Bellavance, March 26, 2017
Released into the public domain.
This library is designed to use multiple encoders with the least amount of digital pins.
The first encoder requires 4 pins. the remaining ones require only one extra pin per encoder.
For use with quadratic encoders with 2 or 4 steps per detent,
and need to be actuated by hand. This Library does not use interrupts.
See the Tutorial for more information

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