Source for female connectors/pins/manual crimp tool?

Dave New, N8SBE


Sorry if this has been hashed over before on the list, but I couldn't find any reference to this, either here or on the various wiki/facebook, etc. sites I found.

I have a uBITX and one of the cases.  Between the two, there are a number of interesting PCBs, cables, etc.  There are two cables provided with the uBITX that are 8-way with female housings on one end of each cable (the other end is just loose wires).

The case comes with a front panel PCB, which has lands for 8-way BergStik-type male pins (which I was able to provide from my junque box).  Now I realize that I could've just soldered the loose wires from the cables provided with the uBITX into the front panel PCB, but now that I've gone and soldered all the male pins on the front panel PCB, I now need to find the appropriate female housings/pins and a manual crimp tool, to make it all look (and work) good/well.

I think I've found the appropriate stuff on Mouser, in their Amphenol/FCI brand, but I thought it might be helpful to find out what others on the list have used (or did they just solder the loose wires to the front panel PCB?).  A number of pictures I've seen of a uBITX installed in a case shows connectors on both ends of the digital and analog cables,  but no hint where to find such animals.

I did find a pre-made cable on Amazon (by searching on Relimate), but they wanted $90 USD for one cable, meaning that I would have to plunk down $180 USD for two!  That methinks goes against the spirit of the whole BITX thing, where the point is to come up with a reproducible inexpensive design.

So, links to messages, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and 73,

-- Dave, N8SBE

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