Re: uBITX adjustable power supply?

Tom, wb6b

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your reply and links. It makes sense that they would specify the converter current on input current (based on what the switching transistor can handle), as the output voltage is adjustable and the ratio of available output current to input current is therefore variable, and the output current can't be reduced to one value on the spec sheet. 

Thanks for the data sheet, good to know the part has the possibility of being electronically switched on and off.

I have some other projects I'll need to spend time on, so likely I'll be able to order a new boost converter and it will be here before I'll need it for the uBITX project. But, my separate supply on each FET is a fun idea and if there is delay in getting a better boost converter, it is my backup plan.

Tom, wb6b

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