Re: calibrate v4 ubitx

Jim Sheldon

I believe most of them use TORX (also known as Star or Spline ) screwheads.  Probably T-8 or T-10 size if I remember right.

Jim - W0EB

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I agree that calibration is a 'exercise', why does it need to be this hard. I'm no coder, but Don ND6T's calibration routine worked really good for me when I was calibrating my Bitx 60,  All we need to know is what our actual 25Mhz crystal frequency is and change that line in the sketch, then all we need to adjust is the BFO frequency which is easy when the rig is on frequency. I don't know how to code so I'm not sure what is involved in adding something like this to the existing sketch but it sure beats zero beating.


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