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Bill Cromwell

Hi John,

I assume that you are using a computer connected to the radio since you are running WSJT-X AND CAT. It may be the computer that is being tickled by stray RF.

How is your RF ground configured? The shrortest cable possible to a good earth ground is desirable but may have a length that presents a high impedance to ground for RF at one or more bands. Before you put a lot of effort into that (assuming you already have some sort of grounded cable) try to connect your computer 'common' to the same RF ground you use for your radio. At least bond the radio chasis ground and computer ground. If I don't have that RF ground included on the computer frame I have some nasties that show up too.

The suggestions in the other replies this far are good too.


Bill KU8H

On 07/20/2018 08:24 AM, John wrote:
Hello all,

I just put my antenna in a u-shape in the attic and have a better swr
now so I was able to try the uBitX on 40m for the first time.
What I experience only on 40m is that while using WSJT-X my uBitX locks
up and gets stuck on TX. All the shorter bands (30/20/17/15/12 and 10)
don't cause this issue.

Running CEC firmware v1.095 with Nextion 2.4 display.

When the lock up happens I get the warning message "RIG Control Error,
Do you want to reconfigure the radio interface" and when I look on the
uBitX the TX symbol is lit.

I don't have any chokes on my audio cables and have been working on the
higher bands without any problems.

Any clues?


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