K5BCQ AGC gain control and audio link. #ubitx #ubitx-help

derek (G4VWI)

Version 4 board installation is going well and thanks to K5BCQ for an excellent AGC board and SMT components.
However, I am not sure about mounting a remote gain control for this. I wonder what others have done?

Can you tell me what your experience has been connecting this board using the three header pins directly to the main board.

Where have you taken the 5v supply from and the gain control wires from. Have you found it necessary to use screened cable to the potentiometer?

Are you using the original 5K Pot or as shown on the circuit diagram a 1K Pot. Probably doesn't make a difference in this application.

Your findings are most welcome prior to cutting and drilling the board and adding a front panel gain control.

Best wishes Derek G4VWI.

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