Re: S meter wiring

pat griffin

I am away so this is from memory.  If you are using the Nextion screen and click on the data display with version, etc you will get a display with an option to monitor the ADC voltage, i.e., the input on the purple wire to A7.  This will give you an idea of the voltage levels.  I think I set the low end and the high end and let the system figure out those in between and it looked kind of decibel/logarithmic to me. I didn't try to make it reflect precise, textbook s units.

Pat AA4PG 

Pat Griffin

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] S meter wiring
So, what I need to do is measure the voltage at J1 on the AGC at very low and high signals and then guess for what is between those two extremes?  How did you come up with a setting of 217 for the high end based on your 4 volt measurement?

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