Re: S meter wiring

pat griffin

Bill pick up agc voltage from the positive end of the agc output capacitor. I think it is c4 but I am not looking at the schematic. It is the cap tied to the jumper for setting hold time. Connect this to the purple lead and adjust in the manager
Pat aa4pg

On Jul 19, 2018, at 7:43 AM, Bill Carpenter <nz0tham@...> wrote:

OK, I got the ND6T AGC board built, installed and working.  Now I want to implement the S-meter in the KD8CEC software.  Not sure how the wiring works.  I have spent some time searching this forum and it appears the unattached purple wire goes to the AGC board but where?  Once that's done I go to uBITX manager and check the S-meter box and also need to set parameters for the S-meter?


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