AGC kit working great after a big "DUH!" moment

Bill Carpenter

I built and installed the Kees AGC kit yesterday but dang thing would not work.  Waited until today to check it out.  A close look at the board showed that every component was soldered properly with no solder bridges or other issues.  But then, I noticed that pins 1 and 2 at the top of the board hat a "J" printed above them with a jumper symbol.   That's when I re-read the instructions from Don that stated "if you are not installing an RF gain control you must jumper pins 1 and 2".

Well, DUH!  I chose to not install an RF gain control.  Once a jumper was soldered all is good

Posting in case anyone else has a tendency to not read instructions slowly enough......

73, Bill NZ0T

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