Re: I think this will work for the Ubitx...microphone

Mike Woods


If you search on you will find the wiring diagram for the Baofeng speaker/mic.

You will need to modify the mic to work with the uBITx (but not the BITX40 or BITX20) because the T/R switch is on high with 5v on it.

Separate out the switch from the mic internally.


On 18/07/18 9:53 AM, Kevin Rea wrote:

Hi guys,
I am just getting ready to build my first Ubitx.
I am going to use a Baofeng Microphone to do it.. so I bought one and took it apart..
and this is what I came up with after tracing the wires..
I am just using the microhone part of the mike, not the speaker.

I think this will work......????

Kevin Rea

Mike Woods

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