surprising CW sidetone value in uBITX Manager 0.11 #ubitx

Mike KK7ER

I upgraded to CEC 1.08 firmware and ran the uBITX Manager Ver 0.11 software.
It shows reasonable values for most fields.
However, it shows CW Side tone as 4294967295 Hz ( which interestingly is 0xFFFFFFFF).
This is obviously incorrect since it is far beyond human hearing.
In fact I'm surprised that side tone frequency in Hz is encoded with 32 bits.  Seems like overkill.
When I look for CW side tone from the LCD panel menu it is nowhere to be found.  Hmm...
CW speed in uBITX Manager is also shown as 4294967295.
When I view CW speed from the LCD panel it is shown as 12 WPM.  This implies that the register value should be 100.
This leads me not to trust uBITX Manager.  Should I?
Either uBITX Manager is wrong or the LCD panel is wrong or... ?

73 Mike KK7ER

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