Re: Finding variables in source code

Clark Martin

I use TextWrangler on my Macs.  It has a very capable search function including grep capability.  I use it for most of my code development.

Clark Martin

On Jul 16, 2018, at 2:21 PM, Arv Evans <arvid.evans@...> wrote:

The Arduino IDE, and most other IDEs include "find" and "find next"  in the edit commands.
This is very similar to the now ancient UNIX grep, fgrep, etc that eventually made its way into 
several DOS editors.  Linux has continued the grep legacy in original and several new forms.
Not sure but I would think that Apple's OSX would also include the function as it was there in 
original BSD UNIX.  It is also present in the shell programming tool for my Linux based 
Android cell phone.

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