First impressions #ubitx

Mike KK7ER

My son and I finished wiring our uBITX v3 (ordered the day before v4 came out) over the weekend.
We powered on and checked out the receiver functions right in the middle of a big contest and 20m was really busy!
My son was thrilled -- we heard stations from TX, OR, CA, and HI in the US as well as Venezuela using an end-fed wire.
A few observations:
1.  The need for AGC was very clear and we already have the ND6T kit so that's modification #2 (after CEC FW upgrade).
2.  The max audio level is pretty low.  Reading the group, it is not clear if there is a consensus on a fix for that but I noticed the Q70 recent replacement thread.
3.  Audio quality is not great. It is hard to describe precisely but speech is distorted and noise has an impulsive character to it.  My frame of reference is a Kenwood TS-130S.
4.  Audio bandwidth is too wide for CW.  A filter would really help.  Again, I'm not finding a consensus solution.
5.  WWV at 10MHz is tuning for us at 9.9985Mhz (1.5KHz too low).
6. Some components are fragile and easily damaged (encoder switch failed during installation, BNC connector insulation melted while soldering antenna wire, etc.)

We're really looking forward to using and modifying this rig.

73 Mike KK7ER

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