Re: VE1BWV audio pop fix - lost my sidetone


Hi All,
Had my uBitz for a couple of months and been reading the mail as I have checked it out and made various modifications on the way. Thought i had destroyed it while testing a LM386 amp, but put it back to original TDA amp and all is orking.
Pleasantly surprised a couple of evening ago I had a power meter in line with a dummy load connected and heard bot CW and voice on 40M. Only 8" of coax from radio to meter. Sensitivity seems up to the mark. Getting the uneven power across the bands but with 13.8 V I get some 12 W on 80 and 40 but the usual 3W on 10M.
However I built VE1BWV anti-pop circuit and it works great, but no sidetone. Tried the .1uF in series with R253 but there is a faint sidetone with vol turned up.. I am going to remove it and get the sidetone back and maybe try a different suggestion. Got the Iambic keying working and I am using Ian's ver 1.08 without any problems. Next on the list is calibration although I am zero beating at 10 MHz to GPS locked oscillator. Need to check the BFO for LSB and USB as well.
When I get these going the next is balancing up the power across the bands and then a touch display. A highly functional transceiver where the hardware and firmware are all in the operators control. Still loads to modify and add. Fantastic conception and then there is M0HYT non SMD version, but I cannot find anyway to bring up the printed circuit layers. Much to go on with never mind diving into the code. 

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