Re: Ubitx version 4.3

Jerry Gaffke

Enormous bandwidth?
Are you using this rig mostly for CW?
It is primarily designed for SSB use, CW is an afterthought.
The crystal filter is around 2khz wide, as required for SSB use.
The easiest solution for CW would be to add an external filter between headphone jack and headphones.

There are updates to the the firmware should solve the keying issue for you, check out the KD8CEC firmware.

On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 08:22 AM, p.gould1@... wrote:
Hi all.
Just received and built the latest ubitx, and have encountered a couple of seeming problems.
It is all wired up according to specification.
First problem is that there is little or no audio on rx , and the sidetone volume is fine
Secondly that when using straight key the first key down isn't recognised, there is a pause then a dash before it catches up with what is being sent,
Resulting in corrupt call signs etc. it's ok then as long as I don't pause in sending!
And hopefully and lastly the bandwidth of the received stations are enormous so if trying to contact them , where to put the frequency is a matter of guess work.
Hope this makes sense, and the answer is simple enough for my grey cells to contemplate.
Best regards

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