Re: error in memory manager

Mike Woods


UBitx Manager is intended for use with CEC firmware, not the factory default firmware.  It cannot connect to the default factory firmware, as the manufacturer does not include any handlers to respond to UBITx Manager!

Don't worry though, the CEC firmware won't change the settings you have entered in calibrating your txcvr.  You can do a back up the first time you connect to CEC firmware.



On 16/07/18 11:58 AM, Mike KK7ER wrote:
When I try to use uBITX Manager Ver 0.11 with COM port set to 38400-N-8-1, the Raduino crashes and shows "db>4000000" which I assume mean that it has dropped into its micro debugger.  :-(  This is with factory default firmware which displays "uBITX v4.3" and "USB A:14.252.550" at startup.  I was hoping to use uBITX Manager to back up the current settings before trying CEC firmware.  Any ideas?
Mike Woods

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