Re: HDMI display

Arv Evans


HDMI would imply that the rig has a video output, which is not the case.  uBITX transceivers
come with a 2-line LCD display, but many have modified theirs to use 4-line LCD or various size
Nextron displays.  Non of these have traditional video output that would be able to drive a
video monitor. 

Since you are playing with the Raspberry Pi which does have video you might be interested to
know that your Raspberry Pi can talk to the uBITX using rig-control software via the USB/TTL
interface.  This gives you graphical control over the uBITX with the Raspberry Pi supporting
traditional video output.

There are alternative software packages available for the uBITX that do support enhanced
functions such as rig control and larger non-video displays.

Arv  K7HKL

On Sun, Jul 15, 2018 at 10:00 PM Mike Short <ai4ns.mike@...> wrote:
New here, waiting on my ubitx to arrive. I have been reading the postings, and was wondering about HDMI display support. I have been getting to know the rpi and it has HDMI support. Is HDMI possible with the ubitx?

Mike AI4NS

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