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Jack, W8TEE

I have probably purchased a 100 clones over the years and, yes, I did have some troubles initially with a few of them, but these were fixed by installing the CH340 drivers in almost every case. Also, it's a bit of a quibble, but non-Arduino boards are not counterfeits, they are second-sourced boards. Counterfeit implies something that is sold illegally as genuine when it is not. As far as I know, the entire Arduino family of boards are Open Source, which means anyone can produce them legally. What would be wrong is to put the Arduino logo on the board, as I believe that is under copyright. eBay has a Nano for sale for $24, and AliExpress has 10 of them for $25. For the difference, I'm willing to (rarely) install the drivers to make them work. I do have my Nano clones working under Win 10, so I'm not sure buying a "genuine" Nano is going to fix the poster's problem.

Jack, W8TEE

On Sunday, July 15, 2018, 3:19:48 PM EDT, Jon Titus, KZ1G <tituskz1g@...> wrote:

Windows 10 might have some driver problems, but the best bet is to buy genuine Arduino products.  People have reported many problems with knock-off "Arduino" boards.  I use genuine Arduino boards with Win 10 without difficulty.  This link at Arduino shows the differences between genuine products and counterfeits.  Yes, you'll pay a bit more, but you won't hassle with problem boards or drivers.

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