uBitx Version 3 and my homebrewed enclosure complete - Well Almost!! #ubitx


Well, when I first posted about my uBitx being done, I made a mistake and in the title I typed QCX!  DUH!!!  Well, here I am again with my completed uBitx (not QCX).  I only have a few mods left to do, but right now I am having all kinds of issues trying to get the KD8CEC S-Meter modification done using the LM358 chip.  But I have that mod left to do, the TX/RX pop mod and the AGC mod by ND6T (I think that is right) to do.  I have already did the mod and added an RF gain control with a 1K potentiometer.  I created my own bezel for the front of my homebrewed enclosure. I also added a USB male to female adapter so I don't have to remove the cover to update the firmware.  Still need to get the SD card ribbon cable extender to plug into the Nextion display so I won't have to remove the display to update the tft files on the display.

Juddie WD8WV

 Here are some pictures.
Judd, WD8WV

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