Re: CEC firmware with RadI2Cino board? #ubitx #radiuno #firmware



That is a great offer to provide Ian with a free Radi2Cino, it's a shame he hasn't taken you up on it.  Perhaps he doesn't want to have to maintain the code changes either, which is understandable.

I was able to modify Ian's CEC code so it didn't go into transmit immediately.  However, it would still go into transmit if I turned the rotary encoder quickly (???).   Turning it slowly worked properly.  

My current plans are to go with the TFT/Arduino Mega display for my uBITX, I already had all of the hardware laying around, I just haven't gotten it wired together yet.   I've since bought an Icom 7300 and have been spending my radio time playing with it, and putting up antennas, so the UBITX has taken a back burner. 

Jeff, KM4VHX

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