Re: Different Tuning Steps #ubitx

Peter Aiea

Or you could punt, and manually store the freqs for WWV in the memory channels available in the  KC8CEC 1.08 software ...
I did that - it's arguably easier than dial twiddling, hi. 
Sorry if this is no help - I know this doesn't address the coding issue and I haven't tried the step you're attempting.  
With arduinos though, I have had gnarly formatting issues displaying numbers on a tiny LCD display.  
You may have to mess with the LCD formatting code for the screens that are giving you display problems 
to get a readable display. assuming the long int used  for arTuneStep and associated variables remain sane. 
pete  kh6dk

On Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 2:49 PM, Lee <mr.olson@...> wrote:
Yes, it is KC8CEC 1.08.   Changing those values does change my step size but the 100000 displays funny while setting it or using it.
Lee - N9LO  "I Void Warranties"


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