Re: Basic board test: 130ma @ 12.5 volts #ubitx

Don - KM4UDX

Jerry - as the original "not stupid" guy, thank you VERY much for the detailed analysis of a mainboard w/o raduino.  

This is kit has been so much fun to build. I've loved every minute of it. 

The receiver and audio are really fine. I'm using an efficient clossed-back 5" midrange, and the CEC software.  On a strong signal, the volume is "sweet" and ample. Nice to listen to.  Weak signals & inefficient speaker could easily be a problem. But not here. 

Amazingly the basic cat control (freq change) works great from WSJTX!!  I jumped out of my seat when I clicked on a freq within WSJTX and the uBitx changes to that freq.  How cool is that!!!  And for us liberal arts majors, that means we figured out how to load up the required apps, get the configurations and ports and a thousand other technical details right, and not screw it up. A slap on the back for a non-EE. Hahahah.

The transmit half is not working yet.  I built the mic in a pill bottle in honor of the Dr.  But, there is not enough audio modulation to make a signal.  So I'm using the keyer generated tone, but even that gives me next to no RF output.  So I have to keep working at that.  I'll double check my work and see if I can stumble on the problem and careen into a fix. That normally my problem solving methodology. 

More work to come, with crossed fingers.  I can't tell you all how much I want to make a contact with a transceiver I build. 


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