Re: #uBITX #ubitx

Tony Frey

Which Hammond case did you use?

Thanks, Tony 

Acta non Verba

From: 30111237140n behalf of
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:02 AM
Subject: [BITX20] #uBITX
My uBITX is finally finished. The Hammond case was a tight fit and the
knobs came from my junkbox. The manipulator is home made and the
microphone is housed in an old pill box.

It did not want to know about the straight key at first, so I upgraded
to KD8CEC firmware. This knocked out both keys. After trying three
different uBITX firmware packages and two different uBITX managers, I
reverted to the default firmware. It could be that the uBITX manager and
I did not agree with each other. Finally, it accepted both keys,
although the straght key sounded a bit flakey until I cleaned the morse
key points.

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