Re: Inexpensive eBay Amplifier Kits


Here is a comprehensive build of the cheapo Chinese amplifier with a circuit diagram and confirmation that it works too!!

On 12 July 2018 at 07:32, Michael P. Rioux <mike@...> wrote:
I’ve built two of the Hardrock 50’s. They are great amps and pretty bullet proof. I’ve used them on several trips outside
the USA and they’ve done a great job of getting my KX-3’s signal out.
I expect it will do the same for my uBitX if I ever decide on what display and cabinet to use…..
Complete integration between the Hardrock and the ubitX should be doable the same as between the Hardrock and the KX-3.
Too many projects, too little time.

73, Mike W1USN

On Jul 12, 2018, at 12:08 AM, N8DAH <Dherron@...> wrote:

Just my 2 cents. After getting two versions of the "cheapbay" amp I can say the best thing I did. Bought a proper kit like a WA2EBY and built it.The Hardrock 50 was also a great amp but the cost is pretty high. I have not used a HFpacker but know a few qrp guys that swear by them as well.

If you really want 100W look at the HLA-150. I have had much better luck with building a known kit then trying to save a few bones on the cheaper kits with next to no info on them.

In any event best of luck.


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