Re: CEC firmware with RadI2Cino board? #ubitx #radiuno #firmware

Jim Sheldon

We haven't had the time to attempt getting CEC software to work on the RadI2Cino.  It's different in hardware than the original Raduino enough that We'd have to re-work a lot of Ian's CEC code to make it work and we'd rather not modify his code as that would make US responsible for maintaining updates to it and also, it would eventually cause it to diverge from Ian's original code to the point it would not even resemble the good work that Ian has done.  We don't want to have that happen. 

If Ian wants to write code that will work on the RadI2Cino, all he has to do is email me (w0eb (at) cox dot net) and I'll gladly send him at no charge, a wired and tested RadI2Cino board so that he will have something to use as a test for his code.

That's all I can really do at this time.  That offer has been extended before (a long time ago) but Ian has never responded.  The offer remains open.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB

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