Re: ubitix v4

Ashhar Farhan

Raj, the price will go up, not come down. It will also be another thing for newbies to be confused about. For those who want to use a different audio amp, you have to just wire it up out of the volume control. It is as easy ss it gets even now.
- f

On Wed, 11 Jul 2018, 13:14 Raj vu2zap, <rajendrakumargg@...> wrote:

What I would like to see uBitx become more hacker friendly. Please put the audio on a daughter board
with a 0.1" pitch socket so we can plug in any chip or discrete home brew board

Secondly daughter boards for the filter and the two bidi amps which I call townships.
The mother board will shrink and be more hackable.

I guess that costs will come down a bit..


At 10-07-18, you wrote:
The LM386 can be improved. Here are some great mods to the chip we love to hate

On Tue, 10 Jul 2018, 16:45 Raj vu2zap, < rajendrakumargg@...> wrote:

The v4 audio works fine but a little low on gain. Farhan has inadvertently forgotten to add that extra component required.
The mod is extremely simple, anyone can do it. At low volumes you can distinctly hear the improvement and increase
in volume.

The change was made so that uBitx will not depend on chips that are obsolete or parts that may become..
I sincerely dislike the LM386!


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