Re: Bitx arduino reprograming

Doug W

None of us were born knowing how to do this.  I will try to explain with more detail to see if we can get you through this.  Let us first see if your computer is recognizing the nano.  This will help determine if you have the correct driver.

First go to your device manager.  In Windows 7 go to control panel, then systems and security, and finally device manager.  Most likely you will have one of the two situations described below.

Find a heading labeled Ports (COM & LPT).  Do you see Arduino Nano listed?  If so, write down the port number shown after it.
If you did find the Nano in that section you have the driver.  Now go to the Arduino IDE (the program you installed to compile and load sketches) and check the following under the Tools tab at the top:  For board make sure it shows Arduino Nano, select it from the list by clicking the arrow.  For port make sure it shows the port number you found in your device manager.  Once you have the board and port selected you should be able to upload the sketch.

If in your device manager the Nano does not show up under ports it is probably under Other Devices.  If that is the case you do need to install the driver.  That is also a relatively easy step but that will be for another post if you need it.

Let us know what you find.

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