Re: LED Power Output Indicator #ubitx

Mike Woods


I put it up on , but I have now corrected the diagram for you!  Glad you are now getting more power up the spout!


On 10/07/18 8:17 AM, Lee wrote:
Oh-Oh.  I figured out why my led was so bright.  The circuit was eating up my output.   The diagram my  PSK31 ham friend sent me is wrong.  It showed the bottom of the circuit grounded.  Nope, they needed to be connected together but not grounded.   I found a similar circuit which uses a capacitor instead of the resistor.  I now use a 2 volt green diffused LED which is easy to see but not as bright as the original but it does not load the output as before.

Here is a working circuit and whoever posted it on could they put up the corrected circuit.
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Mike Woods

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