My uBITx rev.3 coated, up and running!

LiviuS <yo5qcd@...>

Mechanical job for casing ended last month, keeping in mind the initial goal to obtain a portable/mobile HF fieldday/emergency station setup.
The first step:  MGC / AGC add-on. This is a big must, I homebrewed it using ND6T schematic.
Second step: in the field, even a minimalist L-match has proven necessary when using a random wire at very few meters heigth. Made it, the measuring part (SWR-meter) not yet finished.
Third step: the QRO current measurement done. Very useful.
Fourth step: CEC software loaded.
To do list: SWR-meter, 20x4 LCD, CW filter on audio line, speech proc.

The first month of test in stationary (OCFD ant. 80-10m):
-worked all YO districts on 80m, with a consistent 57 received (max. distance covered about 500km)
-worked on 40m and 20m: ER, UA, I, DE, ON, SV, 7X with an (overall) RS of 44 to 58 (about 1800-2000km)

Several hours in the field gave me hopes: about 180km with a random wire of about 15m and no matching unit.

Attached my ubitx incarnation. I'm really delighted of this little gem!
Liviu, radio YO5QCD

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