Homebrew from scratch no audio #ubitx


Hi, my name is Diego and i'm from Argentina, this is my first post.
I scratch built my uBitx separating everiting in modules and a big board where everithing connects togheter
I'm have a big big trouble finding where i missed something because the radio has no audio at all.
I'm posting here the screen captured from my scope taken from the diferent test points, hoping someone can guide me in the right direction for fault finding.
As i see. the clocks from the radiuino are ok, but i'm not shure if the signals from the 1st and 2nd mixers are ok
I wound the toroids as specified and follow'd the schematics for V4 carefully, right now i'm not using the audio amplifier on the board, just an off-board audio amp just to take out of the chain, i'm taking the signal out of the demodulator but i have no audio at all, no static no nothing.
I'm able to upload pictures and more shots of the scope if needed.
Any help would be apreciated
Thanks in advance!

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