Ian,  kd8cec is the big coder guru!  Allen kn4ud and myself ve1bwv are working the other things like screen support, testing and graphics enhancements etc.

Kd8cec's 1.095 is not released yet.. I thought it was but it is incorrect and version 1.094 is the current.

1. To load the radio code , use Xloader and load the hex file into the radio via the usb.  Ian has not released the Arduino .ino code yet
2. Load the .tft into the nextion as you described.
3. The ubitx manager is not required unless you wish to change some radio parameter.  The radio code v 1.094 supports nextion directly with no code  or ubitx manager changes required.
4. The Ubitx Manager program is very handy for changing many useful parameters but not required.  Programming function buttons,  s-meter, default startup freq etc etc 


On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 8:15 PM Richard Spohn <wb2gxm@...> wrote:
I am a bit late to the Nextion party....was kind of "ignoring" it
until yesterday when I went to the Nextion website.  I've spent the
past 2 days watching youtube vids about the Nextion and about it and
the uBitx.  Very excited...THANK YOU IAN AND JOE, hope I didn't miss
anyone!  Now the question:  I have a version-1 uBitx.  Not modified in
any way.  I get that you only need to plug 4 wires between the Nextion
and the Raduino, TX RX 5v and Gnd.  I get that you need to load the
.tft file for the nx and the required size onto a SD card, make it the
only thing, put into the Nextion, power up and let it percolate, power
down, remove the card, pwr up and done.  I kind of get that you have
to load the right .hex file into the raduino. I also have to
load "uBitx Manager" onto my PC and then make changes to the Raduino
through that?  If there is a "step by step" guide going from the stock
uBitx to the Nextion 1.095, I have yet to find it, understandable
given all the work you guys are doing.  Thanks again -- Rich WB2GXM

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