Richard Spohn

I am a bit late to the Nextion party....was kind of "ignoring" it
until yesterday when I went to the Nextion website. I've spent the
past 2 days watching youtube vids about the Nextion and about it and
the uBitx. Very excited...THANK YOU IAN AND JOE, hope I didn't miss
anyone! Now the question: I have a version-1 uBitx. Not modified in
any way. I get that you only need to plug 4 wires between the Nextion
and the Raduino, TX RX 5v and Gnd. I get that you need to load the
.tft file for the nx and the required size onto a SD card, make it the
only thing, put into the Nextion, power up and let it percolate, power
down, remove the card, pwr up and done. I kind of get that you have
to load the right .hex file into the raduino. I also have to
load "uBitx Manager" onto my PC and then make changes to the Raduino
through that? If there is a "step by step" guide going from the stock
uBitx to the Nextion 1.095, I have yet to find it, understandable
given all the work you guys are doing. Thanks again -- Rich WB2GXM

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