Re: Just built my ubitx, can't receive anything #ubitx #ubitx-help


If I disconnect the antenna, the static definitely decreases. I did briefly hook up my 40 meter half wave dipole (though I did not hang it, stupid rental rules, I just ran the inner wire across my house a few feet off the floor for testing) and it was even louder. But still no recognizable signal, just static and on some frequencies, a solid tone.

I can't imagine that I need 50 feet of antenna to pick up WWV when I used to be able to listen on a junky SW receiver with a 3 foot long antenna. And again, I'm able to pick up transmissions on my Drake TR4 with the same piece of random wire.

That said, if that's the suggestion, I'll gladly go run some wire outside this evening and try again with a much longer random wire and report back.

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