Re: Just built my ubitx, can't receive anything #ubitx #ubitx-help

Clark Martin

If you disconnect the antenna does the static go down in volume?  If it does then the problem is the antenna, or lack thereof.

Clark Martin

On Jul 6, 2018, at 10:01 AM, andrew.pater.brown@... wrote:

I am super excited to play with this thing, so when I got the kit I immediately built it. It does power up, and I hear what sounds like radio static. If I tune to certain frequencies I can hear tones that change based on frequency selected. However, even just with a random wire (albeit only about 3 feet long in my testing, but the shortwave receivers I had as a kid didn't have much longer) I can't pick up anything recognizable as a voice or CW contact, even stuff like WWV (on 5, 10, 15mhz) or the powerful shortwave stations like brother stair or whatever.

A few notes that I don't think would affect it based on my knowledge, but I'll share anyway in case I'm wrong-

1) I'm using external PC speakers, powered ones - it's just what I have on hand.
2) I'm using a 13.8vdc power supply that I picked up from another HAM a long time ago. It works fine to power 2m band VHF radios and such that are for a mobile application. It's possible it's noisy, but I've located away from it as far as I can.
3) I 3d printed a case for my ubitx and lined it internally with aluminum foil tape to keep the CIA signals out. Er, did I say that? I mean, rather, mitigate some of the RF noise. I have tested inside and outside of this case and there was no noticeable difference, so I don't believe the foil is related.
4) At first I was building and trying it in my basement and hoped I just couldn't get a signal down there. But this morning I tried it upstairs as well, and there was still no signal at all that was recognizable as a voice or CW transmission.
5) I followed the directions on the build page and have gone back through and verified I did everything.

Any ideas what might cause this?

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