Re: PTT #ubitx

Ralph Mowery

Sort of normal depending on how you built it.  The mic and small push button is for those that want to use them for the mic and PTT.   I am thinking there are 3 resistors.  One is a 4.7  K resistor that must be used.  It is installed across the red and green wires going to the key jack.  Without it, the bitx may key up at random times.  If you have two other resistors they are used if using a 'bug' as a keyer for cw.  I guess that you installed the diode across the power input to the bitx for reverse power wire protection.  Be sure to install about a 3 to 5 amp fuse in the power wire (not supplied).

de ku4pt

On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Bill Maier <ciric50@...> wrote:
Just completed the wiring on my uBITX. I have a cheap microphone I was going to use, but it has no PTT switch so I guess I need to go get one with a switch. I did notice some parts left over after I finished the build - the electret mic, a tiny pushbutton switch, and a couple of resistors. Did I forget to do something, or is that normal?

-Bill  KG5RMJ

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