Re: Completed my QCX #ubitx



I haven't built the S-Meter circuit yet.  I had it turned on but it really isn't doing anything, don't know why sometimes I see what appears to be signal since there is no circuit in it yet.  I have to order the LM358 chip, everything else I have.  I was going to do the circuit with the LM386, which I have 3 of those from where I was building Pixie kits.  I bought several and have 3 new ones left.  Dr Lee, KD8CEC texted me on his blog that it would be better to use the LM358 chip.  I just received in the mail the TX/RX pop fix kit and the AGC kit that I read about.  Of course I have never done SM soldering, so don't know if I will be able to do this.
Judd, WD8WV

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