Re: experience with Sunil VU3SUA's enclosures #ubitx


I have one of his cases and I think they are junk!  Miss drilled holes,  poor layout,  way to much paint making for poor ground connections,  and a bunch of extra parts and connectors that are not needed.    But that’s just my ……..




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In my experience, he's more likely to respond on Facebook. He posts
there in the uBitx groups now and then. I had ordered a case in late
March and shortly thereafter he announced a couple new colors in a FB
posting. I sent him a message via FB about changing to one of the newer
colors and he was very willing to switch. He had inventory in the color
I wanted (blue with white panels) and sent it out right away. I had
several FB messages with him. You might give that a try if you're on FB.

OTOH, a friend of mine ordered a case shortly after I did and has still
not received it and has had no response to several email inquiries. He
is planning to file a complaint with Paypal.

As for the case itself, it's well done. You might want to remove some of
the paint from various places to be sure you get good contact all
around. I think some of the connectors could be higher quality and the
off/on switch failed after only a few uses. I also had to adjust the
position of the board so that the display would line up with opening...I
elongated the four holes about 2mm to the right (looking at it from the
front). Overall, it's probably worth the money, esp. if you don't want
to do a lot of drilling & filing & acquisition of connectors, etc.

 From some postings on FB, it looks like he's working on a version to
handle the touch screen displays.

Mark    AA7TA

On 7/3/18 1:53 PM, Mike KK7ER wrote:
> I send that information every time I email him. But to date I have
> gotten zero replies.
> 73 Mike KK7ER
> _._,_._,_

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