Re: TX frequency? of uBitx at CWL and CWU mode #ubitxcw

Ian Lee

I was able to observe your uBITX status very easily because of the .btx file (you sent)
I made my uBITX the same as your uBITX as shown below.

02.This is the part you set for CWL, CWU

Everything is perfect. If it was just a mistake, my explanation was not enough.
CW Freq Adjust Value should be set to 0 (Default value)
Depending on your side tone, the frequency is automatically calculated.

Again, this is due to my lack of explanation.
CW Freq Adjust Value is for further fine tuning. In general, it should be set to 0.
I set CW Freq Adjust value (Fine tune) to 0 and wrote to uBITX.


And I tested it as follows.
(It will look the same as your uBITX)

04.Change mode -> CWL

05.Changed mode -> CWL

Was the displayed frequency changed?
This is actually the frequency at which the radio waves are transmitted.

Attach the modified (600 -> 0) btx file.

You can modify it yourself, or you can follow the procedure below.
Connect -> Read From uBITX -> Load file -> Select attached file -> Write -> Reboot

Please let me know your personal e-mail address and I will tell you a few more things


2018-07-04 2:37 GMT+09:00 Andy V. Borisenko via Groups.Io <rw9rn@...>:

my .btx file

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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