Gwen Patton

I hear you there, Larry. It's like the fitful screeching that starts whenever someone brings up Glock vs. 1911, or stopping power vs. shot placement.

I do try to put as much info in my posts when I ask for advice, but the simplest things can be forgotten when doing so. For example, my case is plastic...but sprayed with 2 coats of MG Chemicals "Super Shield" conductive nickel shield coating on all interior plastic. I need to make sure I have some way to verify the end plates and both the top and bottom of the case are electrically connected...they should be, but I haven't VERIFIED it. I haven't verified that the case coating is connected to chassis ground. So yeah, little details like that can make a big difference.

As much as we are supposed to be using the engineering standards, most of us probably aren't engineers and may not KNOW those standards. Then you've got language barriers and cultural differences in an international hobby that can cause specifics to get lost. I think we're doing pretty well, all things considered.

I guess this is why some open source software forums I'm on use a bug report form, so the necessary questions are articulated and not assumed.

Gwen, NG3P

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