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#1. let me say I've been known to stick my nose and many times my foot in place it doesn't belong.
#2 .I lurk a lot -every day read the days' mailbag and read many posts- commenting on a few.
#3. I am seeing a lot of posts where the radio all of a sudden does something unexpected when transmitting or transitioning to transmit.
      a. No indication if the rig is on a pine board or a metal, plastic case.
      b. Problems reported immediately indicate --- STRAY RF- IMPROPER SHIELDING- POOR GROUNDS
#4. It's actually in the rules and regulations to adhere to good engineering practices.
      a. a 3D printed case may not work transmitting but fine for receive.
      b. what works on 80M may not work on 20-12-10M.
      c. what works at 5 watts may not work at 10-12-24 watts.
      d. any mods?
#5. Before posting, as the posts are numerous and repetitive please do a little diagnostics to
     a. better describe your problem (I have a plastic case, car battery) and environment (ground rod, open wire feed, tuner etc.)
     b. Is it (transmit problem ) repeatable with just a dummy load.
     c. Like the quiz show, Have you called a friend?? and has he seen the rig in action --because we have not.

Please don't turn this into yet another dreaded oil thread (Oil Thread- multiple comments (and fights) on Aircraft and Motorcycle forums when someone asks "Which oil?")

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