Re: uBitX CEC Upload

V Zecchinelli

Thank you.  Working OK now.

73 de Vince N1VIN

On 7/3/2018 10:20 AM, Ralph Mowery wrote:
I don't know what it may be, but you are really missing something.  It should not take even 5 minuets to load. 

Check to see if you have the baud rate set to the correct value.

de ku4pt

On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 9:58 AM, V Zecchinelli <n1vin@...> wrote:
I am currently using Xloader up update firmware 1.08.  Has been uploading for over an hour.  I do see numbers changing on uBitX screen ie e6:f0e4e4e4.  Should it take this long or am I missing something?  I am uploading UBitX_CEC_V1.080_16i.hex.

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